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We provide money back guarantee on improvement of your keyword ranking. We guarantee on your keyword ranking from the end of the very first month of your SEO campaign. If you do not see any improvement on your keyword ranking at the end of the very first month of you SEO campaign then we are ready to process the refund of your total cost, provided the terms & conditions mentioned below.

We simply do not process any refund if you just come and say I have changed my mind to cancel the campaign or by mistake subscribed our service within the first month of your SEO campaign.

If Hygiene Digital has promised to place your keywords on the top of the search engine at the end of the 6 months of your SEO campaign (successfully month by month no interval), then if we are unable to keep our promise looking at the nature of our service, then we guarantee to work for two more consecutive month without any cost but no refund will be initiated.

At Hygiene Digital we think this is wrong. We know that it is possible to guarantee SEO results—and we do it every day for clients in a wide range of industries.

With our SEO performance guarantee you will receive numerous page one rankings for highly relevant keywords that will drive quality traffic to your website. We are so confident of our methodology that we guarantee these results, or we will work at no charge until the results are achieved.

Guaranteed SEO results are what businesses expect, not vague statements about what may (or may not) be achieved. So it’s little wonder that an affordable, proven SEO program that brings you multiple page one rankings is the clear choice for businesses that want to aggressively market themselves on Google.

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Our Guaranteed SEO process is designed for clients like you. With our guaranteed SEO service plan, you have a dedicated SEO manager for your project who keep eye on project timeline, its execution plan and day to day progress.

Our SEO service team works in strict adherence to the project timeline provided in advance with 24×7 support & maintenance even after the website is successfully launched. We hardly fail in delivering what we commit, but if at all we fail to deliver expected by the stipulated time frame, we continue to work without any further payment until results start to appear.

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