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Your website should rank for priority keywords which have high conversion rates. Our SEO audit service covers more than 270 technical parameters which ensures that we improve your conversions.

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Seeking the best SEO audit services for your website?

If the answer is yes, then your quest ends here at Hygiene Digital. You can now find the best SEO audit services to get your website in the best possible shape by fixing any optimization errors. Simply choose Hygiene Digital to get an extensive SEO audit done, which includes a 270-pointer technical SEO checklist for your website.

As an SEO audit company, we will be customizing your audit on the basis of your industry and other variables. Our professional website audit services include examining your website architecture and code while also studying the URL structure. We will also look at factors like the page load time and web page code along with the sitemap and robots.txt file. This will ensure that your web pages are suitably ranked on search engines.

Some of the general aspects covered under SEO audit services include On-Page SEO Audit, Content SEO Audit, Technical SEO Audit Services, Architecture and Code Review, and Google Penalty Identification Audit, to name a few. While the website has to tap the right Open Graph, meta tags and schemas, it should also have proper image tags. We study all such important aspects before suggesting any site improvements.

On-page audits verify whether your web pages are optimized with regard to aspects like content quality, website structure, website design and responsiveness. On-page SEO can be divided into two broad categories: on-page SEO audit, including analysis of keyword density, canonicals, redirects, content, title and meta data, URL structure, etc. and technical SEO audit, including analysis of website structure, AMP, PWA, structured data, crawl stats, sitemap and robots.txt etc.

Hygiene Digital’s excellent SEO audit services will help you fix current site issues while optimizing it and driving higher rankings on search engines.

Why Choose Hygiene Digital as SEO Audit Service Provider

Struggling to improve organic traffic figures for your website? We at Hygiene Digital can help you conduct a complete SEO Audit of your site to boost organic traffic. Our SEO Audit Services would include a checklist of 270 pointers and a detailed SEO Audit Report.
Though our SEO Audit Service is customised based on your industry, here are some of the major aspects we cover while doing SEO Audit:

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO Audit
  • Off-Page SEO Audit
  • Architecture and Code Review
  • Content SEO Audit
  • Google Penalty Identification Audit

Factors Considered While Conducting Website Audits

SEO audit is done to analyse the performance of a website in comparison with the best practices. The purpose is to find out the issues which may affect the performance of the organic search.

1. Competitor Research Audit

Competitor Analysis helps us to understand SEO practices of your competitor

2. Architecture Audit

Through an in-depth architecture audit, we discover the underlying potential of your website.

3. Technical Website Audit

We audit the technical pointers such as sitemap, robots.txt, crawl performance

4. On-Page Optimization Audit

On-Page audit includes URL structure, headers, title & meta tags, and many more.

5. Image and Video Optimization Audit

Optimized image & video reduces page load time and ranks on SERPs

6. Content Quality Audit

We audit the content present on your website and provide suggestions

7. Site Speed Audit

Site speed is now on of the essential Google ranking factor

8. User Experience Audit

User Experience is an essential audit to understand the loopholes on the webpage

9. Off-Page Optimization Audit

We audit your off page activities and provide suggestions to avoid any Google penalty.

Competitor Research Audit is an extensive and thorough investigation of your competitors’ website. It is a detailed analysis to provide suggestions for the improvement of your website.
An SEO audit company analyses the existing SEO strategies implemented on your competitors’ website. Based on the findings, it recommends the appropriate strategies which will improve your website’s performance with better results and higher position in search rankings.

The Architecture Audit performs an in-depth analysis of the structure and architecture of your website, including the web page code being used. The optimal architecture of your website helps users to navigate through the website with ease while performing their tasks efficiently. The website SEO audit services figures out the best layout for your website. This includes a compact menu, efficient internal linking, better-organised content hierarchy by identifying the gaps in the content, and so on. This will uncover the potential of your website by performing a platform review of the same.

A Technical Website Audit is aimed to identify the different programming and technical issues on your website, which might be the reason behind its poor performance.
An ecommerce SEO services will audit and address some of the basic but important technical issues like the right installation of SSL, presence of any missing pages and so on.
The website SEO audit services will look into crawl stats, perform an XML sitemap review and robots.txt review for the web crawlers to crawl your website efficiently. Hygiene Digital’s SEO services suggest the addition of 301 redirects in an Http to https migration and ensure that the right schema and markup is implemented.

The On-Page Optimization Audit will review and recommend how best to optimize the content on your website for the search engines to discover and rank it higher.
The website audit service analyses the highest traffic-generating keywords, and a list of additional keywords you should aim for. SEO audit services will also check if there are similar or missing title tags and meta descriptions.
It provides recommendation on better internal and inbound linking, easy navigation and canonicals. It optimises a clean URL that reflects the content on the website and ensures that the pictures are tagged.

The SEO agency will examine the quality of the content on your website. Your website content should be original, informative, interesting and easy to read. The quality of content affects user experience and your website’s ranking. The SEO audit services will perform the below tasks:
Identify and recommend if and how you might need to change your content strategies.
Suggest if you need to add or remove any specific content.
Compare your content with your competitor’s, and address the differences in both quantity and quality.
It will also fish out the duplicate content including meta tags if any, as it negatively impacts the performance of your website.

Site Speed, in SEO audit services, refers to the time it takes for your website or a page on your website to load after clicking on the link. Site speed affects the ranking of a website.
Ideally, the time taken for a page to load should be less than 3 seconds. The Site Speed audit looks into these issues. The SEO audit company analyses and addresses the issues which might be slowing down your site speed.
Moreover, this will also give you suggestions on how to improve the site speed for both mobile and desktop where the bandwidths are different.

User experience is one of the most important parameters that will impact your website’s ranking on the SERPs. With the help of Google Analytics, the SEO audit services will check both User Interface and User Experience on the site. It will also analyse the bounce rate and the average time spent by the user on your website.
Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who leave your website after visiting only a particular page instead of continuing to visit other pages within the same website.
The lesser the bounce rate, the better it is of the ranking of the website. The longer the average time spent by users on your site, the higher your website’s performance. Better user experience leads to higher conversions, which ultimately leads to an increase in sales and revenue.

Images and videos have now become a crucial part of digital marketing services. The Image and Video Optimization Audit makes sure that your website is optimally using these SEO trends.
SEO audit services evaluate the image size and also provide suggestions and recommendations for both image and video optimization. For search engine crawlers to discover your content, the images and videos should be marked and given proper alt tags. The Keywords should appear several times in the title and descriptions of the videos.

Off-Page factors are the major part of the search engines’ algorithms. Off-Page Optimization Audit looks into the linking strategies on your website which help in search engine optimization.
It looks into the backlink type, whether these backlinks are relevant to your website or not, the number of links being used and if they are optimally placed.
Post analysis of the linking strategy, SEO audit services will then provide a recommendation on how to get the best backlink to authority websites. They also disavow the unnatural links which hold back your website’s rankings and review backlinking domains.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our SEO audit begins with an in-depth review of your website architecture and code. This review process makes us discover the underlying potential of your website. Our detailed on-page review validates if your web pages have all the key elements of an optimized page. Simultaneously, the off-page SEO review analyzes your brand’s online footprint to understand if it offers an optimal experience for prospects and search engine crawlers.

As part of our basic SEO audit service, we give you an overview of the authoritativeness and quality of the link profiles. However, a detailed link audit which encompasses disallowing bad links is offered as part of our monthly retainer service. For more details, you can connect with us for a conversation.

We shall primarily need access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console, to begin with, our analysis.

A comprehensive SEO audit facilitates a systematic examination of your website to identify existing issues w.r.t website architecture and code, content quality, internal and external linking, etc. These issues hinder the crawling and indexing of the website by search engines and thus affect rankings on relevant keywords. Hence, a thorough audit would help you rectify the issues and boost your search engine rankings.

Factors such as web page code, URL structure, page load time, sitemap and robots.txt file are analyzed to ensure that search engines pick up the right pages and ranking signals in your website. We also analyze canonicals and redirects, vet content for quality and duplication, check if images are optimized and assess navigation and design for user-friendliness and responsiveness.

While the effort estimate of a thorough SEO audit completely depends on the extensiveness of your website, on an average, it takes 45-60 working days to complete the process and present the final report.

Google considers over 200 factors to rank websites. The free SEO tools give you details on barely a few of those factors concerning your website. In fact, most of the reports they generate lack a personalized approach for individual websites and their recommendations are fairly generic. Our comprehensive SEO Audit report will give you a detailed analysis of what’s plaguing your website and the remedy for addressing the same.

After we share the comprehensive SEO audit report with you, you can take a decision on executing the suggestions in the report by your internal team or outsourcing it to our team to execute them for you. We shall provide you a cost estimate for our execution services along with the SEO Audit report.