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After over four decades of evolution, eCommerce has changed the way and perspective of selling things online, which has propelled the need for SEO for eCommerce websites.

eCommerce, also known as electronic commerce, is the method of selling goods and services through data transmission. It was introduced to the world in the 1970s, reaching the masses once the internet opened to commercial use in the 1990s.

After over four decades of evolution, eCommerce has changed the way and perspective of selling things online, which has propelled the need for SEO for eCommerce websites.

Hygiene Digital is providing SEO for eCommerce websites, which has been instrumental in creating a successful enterprise. Do check our SEO case studies.

Important Strategies or Steps that need to be included in eCommerce

There are many steps and strategies which have to be included in an eCommerce platform. This raises a question amongst many businesses – “How to do SEO for eCommerce websites?”. The following services are offered by Hygiene Digital to develop competent strategies pertaining to SEO for eCommerce sites –

1. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a primary task for any eCommerce SEO service. It identifies the popular words that people search for online. Researching the keywords to form strategies in SEO for eCommerce websites helps marketers collect results of popular terms/queries and how the website can produce products as per the trend. Hygiene Digital ensures that the SEO for eCommerce websites is top-notch with quality keyword research that provides thorough insights into the market.

2. Site Structure based on Keyword Research

eCommerce websites are needed to be structured as per keywords; otherwise, when people are going to search for an item with certain keywords, even if your website has the product, it would not show them the website in the results. Hence, it is really important to structure the website according to best practices in SEO for eCommerce websites. Hygiene Digital offers insights that will help structure an eCommerce website as per SEO. This aspect forms as one of the staple features within our SEO services.

3. Technical SEO

This is a very vital step for elevating your business’s SEO for eCommerce domain. If there is any kind of problem which is persisting in SEO, then the search engines would not generate the expected results. So, it is very important to understand what technical SEO is and how it can provide the desired services pertaining to SEO for eCommerce websites. The best part of this step is when you fix the technical SEO issue once, you would not have to deal with it again. There are four key aspects when it comes to technical SEO –

Correct URLs

Setting correct URLs is mainly important to attract customers during the process of SEO for eCommerce websites. When you open a website, you can see there is a URL showing in the address bar of the browser. eCommerce websites are mainly commercial websites, so, “.com” should be included in the URL.

HTTPS Websites

It is very much important to set eCommerce websites to HTTPS protocols. Google started to use HTTPS websites as a rank, and it is known to feature in websites that are known for their security. As maximum owners of eCommerce websites are looking to grow the business 19% – 20% per year, it is also important to take care of the users who are going to enter their personal information on the website.

Implementation of Pagination

This is a crucial step when it comes to designing an eCommerce website. The products that are present on the list of the website can be different for various individuals as the list may not show to everyone in the same format, which is a crucial step to resolve in the process of SEO for eCommerce websites. For example, suppose an eCommerce website is selling 500 products, and each product has 5 different categories. While checking it on a computer, it is showing perfectly. But, when the website is opened from other devices such as smartphones or tablets, the page format changes.

Creation of Sitemaps

Sitemaps are a list in which all the pages of a website are enlisted. Search engines require sitemaps to show a result with the architecture of a website. It is also important for web users as they can utilise this sitemap and browse throughout the website. For example –Website–

  • –Service 1–
  • –Service 2–
  • –Service 3–

Google Penalty Recovery

If your website experiences a sudden drop in its organic traffic or search rankings, it may be because of a new Google algorithm update. This also means that you are being penalized by Google for certain unfriendly practices. Over 90% of penalties are caused by bad backlinking of your website. Hygiene Digital, with its Google penalty recovery services, makes sure that all the required actions, whether it is removing the bad backlinks or dissolving duplicate content, are done seamlessly to help you in combating the penalties.

4.On Page SEO

This step is important to improve the visibility of the website on search engines. Making sure if the keywords are matched with the website is the main part of this step in SEO for eCommerce websites. Moreover, this is a way to ensure if Google knows what website your website offers.

5. Competitor Analysis

In the case of eCommerce, it doesn’t matter how much effort you put to deliver a product with uniqueness; some other entity probably had done it before you did. As the eCommerce industry is getting congested, it is really important to analyse the rival companies and gain insights to make your business better and stronger, which is where SEO for eCommerce websites comes in. Depending on the product or service offered by a company on the platform, an eCommerce website is at the privilege of knowing its competitors on a new level. This is because the platform now has specific detail of its competitor’s products and services highlighted by the process of SEO for eCommerce websites, which allows them to fill in the gaps that the competitors have left.

Adding Content

By comprehensively going through the present content on your eCommerce website, Hygiene Digital’s SEO for eCommerce websites services suggest and add relevant content for the lagging areas. These areas can be resource pages with incomplete information, or poorly generated meta or title tags. Moreover, with the help of our team’s extensive research of the most relevant keywords, we make your web pages SEO friendly by organically adding optimised content to rank your pages higher on search engines

7.Link Building

It is very hard to build links for an eCommerce website. Some issues interrupt this step, such as trust-issue, hyper-competitive slits, lack of link-worthy websites, and lack of informational websites. However, Hygiene Digital offers to help with such issues with link building measures targeting improved SEO for eCommerce websites. Avail Hygiene Digital’s link building services, and elevate the ranking of your web pages on search engine results organically.

8. Measuring SEO Success

It is important to check if your efforts towards SEO for eCommerce websites are working or not. If it does not work, then the website will not get enough popularity, and the effort would be wasted. This measurement can be done with some tools, but the process can be incredibly hectic for those busy with work. Hence, getting an agency to conduct SEO for eCommerce websites is recommended as it is designed for optimal performance, and can constantly track and maintain growth.


SEO is a long term approach that promises equally long term results. The right information, product details, etc. at the right place with the right keywords, URLs, Links, and other features have been known to do wonders. Thus, platforms should consider incorporating SEO for ecommerce websites in their marketing plans. Once decided, contact an SEO company in USA that you can confidently rely on to get customised help and yield amazing results for your business – Hygiene Digital.

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