SEO for OTT Platforms: How to Devise The Perfect Strategy

In the ever-changing digital world, keeping up with the trends that consumers follow is all that matters. For OTT (Over-The-Top) service providers, it is essential to determine the preferences of the consumers and cater to what they like. Thus, the need for SEO for OTT platforms arose and is now growing exponentially each year.

Videos are the most consumed form of media. With a prodigious shift in the traditional TV watching experience, consumers have now turned to OTT platforms to get their fair share of classy and engaging entertainment. A major reason for this can be attributed to the lack of quality content across TV channels in recent times. Moreover, with the growth in the demand for accessible and quality content online, OTT platforms have turned to SEO to attract more viewership via creative strategies that help in propelling their video ranking to the top search results.

A very interesting figure to reinforce this shift is a study conducted by Frost and Sullivan, which highlighted that the OTT market in India earned upwards of 37 billion USD in the year 2017 and the numbers have only grown since then. This has brought into light the importance of SEO for OTT platforms for providers, as well as content creators.

Important Steps to Include in Your SEO Strategy for OTT Domain

There are many crucial steps that are involved in devising the perfect strategy for SEO for OTT domains. This includes intrinsic on-page and technical SEO measures to ensure better search rankings. The list below summarises the strategizing process:

1. Get the URL structure right

Having a well-structured URL is important for both SEO and user experience. From the SEO perspective, it is important that the website crawlers understand what your website is all about. And the right URL structure would ensure just that. The following are various aspects you must keep in mind while structuring the URL of your website.

You must use a phrase that best fits/describes your business in the URL. Never ever forget to add keywords in your URL. Search Engine Indexing always looks for related keywords that are relevant to the video. You must not use underscores in your URL. Google recommends hyphens instead of underscores, as hyphens are treated as spaces between two words. For example, an optimized URL would look like this:

“”, whereas a non-optimized URL looks something like this: “”.

Avoid using dynamic URLs. It is always better that the URL remains the same with every reload as it allows the search engines to read the website better. These simple steps can significantly help you in elevating your SEO for OTT Platform.

2. Developing a Campaign or Content-Specific SEO

One of the most overlooked steps in SEO for OTT platforms is that the content is given least priority and only the surface is scratched to develop SEO. The first thing you should take care of is to get an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification so that your OTT platform becomes authentic. Secondly, having regular audits of your site helps in determining the detect ability of your content. Once this is done, you can target your content and make efforts to optimize it. Creating file names with keywords, refining the anchor texts focused on your services and the keywords related to it, and defining OG (Open-Graph) Protocols will significantly boost the ranking of your videos on search engines as well as social media platforms.

3. Optimum Keyword Research

What is SEO without keywords? For any SEO endeavor, keywords play the most important role. To empower your content with genuine keywords, you will have to get into the mindset of your audience. What are their searching patterns for video content? What phrases or words are most often used in these searches? Should you develop short or long-tail keywords for your video? Finding the answers to all these questions through meticulous research will help you zone in on the best keywords for your videos. This can be done through analyzing the keywords being optimized by your competitors, or using online tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to aid you in finding specific keywords to create the best on-page SEO strategy.

4. Video Optimization

Doing everything right and failing at video optimization can cost you your video rankings. Video optimization targeted towards SEO for OTT platforms comprises of two main aspects.

Optimizing the metadata of your video

To make the search engines aware of what your video is about, you need to meticulously generate targeted metadata or meta descriptions. Title Tags will be the first thing that are noticed by the search engine, hence; the presence of the primary keyword in them is imperative, and you need to make them short and catchy. You can make the Description Tags a bit longer and organically incorporate multiple keywords in them; keep them 160 characters or shorter. The final step is creating Video Tags, where you can incorporate one or two keywords specific to your video content; just make sure to not make these tags “spammy”.

Creating recognizable thumbnails

Thumbnails will be the first thing that the viewers will see reflected on their search results. Delivering a clear message through your thumbnail about your video is, perhaps, the most important thing for the users. These thumbnails can be anything from short descriptions to images relevant to the video or the OTT platform, so that the viewer can instantly identify their search results and click on them.

5. Creating a Video Sitemap

Video Sitemaps are a gateway to present relevant information for your videos like titles, descriptions, type of video, run time, country restrictions, policies, live streams, and much more. This helps search engines like Google to easily identify the category of the video, its relevance, the content present in it, and the target audience. This significantly improves the ranking of your videos. Moreover, if you’re hosting multiple videos on one page, you should list only those videos that are relevant to the host page on the sitemap to improve your SEO for OTT platform.

6. Improving Your Website’s Speed

Site speed significantly affects organic user traffic. Would you want to visit a website that takes a long time to load? Of course not! This is where creating an SEO strategy for OTT platforms can use some help from developers. Here are a few things to take care of for improving your site’s speed and retaining the visitors’ attention:

Compression capabilities: It is imperative that the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files are of a size smaller than 150 bytes.

Optimize your codes: Make sure that your JavaScript, HTML and CSS codes are optimized and minimal. Remove unnecessary characters, spaces or words from the codes to make the loading speed of your site faster.

7. Implement Schema Markup for Better SEO

Schema markup is a semantic vocabulary code that lets the search engine understand what the words or group of words on the OTT website or platforms’ metadata or descriptions mean. For example, if the schema is marked around the word ‘Infidigit’, it would tell the search engine that it is the name of a digital marketing agency and not a random word. If you are availing SEO services, Schema Markup is one of the primary things you should focus on.

8. Importance of Backlinking from Other Video Websites

Expanding your reach beyond your own OTT domain can bring an influx of viewers for your videos. Take the help of other OTT hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. to release short snippets of your content or even trailers; you can provide the link for your whole video while refining the quality of your video link. Moreover, you can even allow sharing and/or embedding of your video on other websites, which exponentially increases your backlinks. This improves your website or platform’s authority, and provides high-quality indexing for your videos.


SEO for OTT Websites is perhaps the most important aspect that determines how much viewership your videos will get. Since this is such an elaborate and intrinsic process that requires microscopic attention to all the aforementioned steps, hiring an agency like Infidigit with an encyclopedic knowledge of the whole process can churn out fruitful results for you for services pertaining to SEO for OTT platforms. With years of expertise coupled with a strong team of professionals, you can rest assured that your videos will become highly accessible to the general masses.

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